Friday, February 18, 2011

MANNER #2 The Rules of Introductions

THE MANNER - Rules to follow for introductions
  1. Boys are introduced to girls. Look at the girl and say her name first, "Mary this is Bill Smith - Mary Watson. 
  2. Introduce the younger person to the older person. Mention the name of the older person first, "Aunt Ivy, this is George Jones.  George, this is my aunt, Mrs. Butler."
  3. When introducing friends to your parents: 
    1. If they know your last name: "Mother this is George Jones. 
    2. If they do not know your last name or your mother has a different last name than you  "Mother, this is George Jones.  George this is my mother, Mrs. Butler.
  4. In an instant when an older man is being introduced to a girl over 16, introduce him to her - Mary this is my father. Dad, this is Mary Tanner.   If the girl is under 16, introduce the older person first, "Dad this is Mary Tanner."  
    Manner Rule #2 is pretty complicated to teach to young children.  I have simplified down to 4 rules but honestly, I am just going to simplify it further.  I will tell my children to introduce girls first and older people first.  I think that is all they can probably handle right now. 

    We practiced with my brother when he came to visit and my kids did stellar introducing me to my Uncle Josh! He was very impressed and asked what I did with my kids.  I guess it is working so far :)
    We also went into the next manner for tomorrow which is shaking hands and I started introducing bowing.  I practically melted to the floor when I saw Lukas bow and say, "nice to meet you" to my friend!  It was prompted by me, of course, but he still did it and then he looked over at me and felt so proud of himself! I winked at him, lifted a finger in the air and drew the number one in the air.  This is truly an amazing.  Everyone should try this.  Please try it, you'll be amazed.  Off to put the kidos to bed.  More Manners tomorrow ( I sang that sentence in my head like I am Mary Poppins or something) and now I am shaking my head at my self.  I can't get ahead of myself, we have 363 more days to go.

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