Thursday, February 17, 2011

MANNER #1 - Introductions, Take Your Time

When you are introducing people take your time.  Pause to think about whom you are introducing.   Never rush through an introduction.

This is a good one for me.  I always feel a need to rush.  I get totally tongue tied and sometimes the pressure is too much that I even forget some of my best friends names. That is quite awkward to say the least.   I too will work on this.  I will relax, take a breath and think about whom I am introducing to whom before I open my mouth.  I am going to have the kids do it after school today.  I figure it is best to make them feel comfortable and at ease with the first lesson so we will probably just do it ourselves. 

So I was successful in introducing the concept to the boys.  Lukas got so excited about earning points that he said, "let's play it now."  He got up from the table (without saying excuse me - lesson #125) and started running around (walk, do not run in the house - lesson #87) looking for the "game." I explained to him that this was a game that we play in life everyday and when we follow the rules, we score points.  I then began with manner #1, take your time with introductions. What I instantly realized was that they had no idea what an introduction was.  I needed to step back explain to them that if you know 2 people but they do not know each other that it is your job to make them feel comfortable.  You do this by telling each of them the other persons name.  This helps both people feel at ease because you took the time to help them learn the other persons name and (we'll get to this part later) a little something they might have in common to talk to each other about.  We wound up practicing on ourselves, which my sons thought was hilarious.  It took us several times for them to do it without laughing, "Mommy this is Henry, Henry, Mommy. "   I then added look in the persons eyes who you are talking to and even went as far as teaching them about hand shaking! I definitely went too fast and surpassed my readings in the book.  We were just having so much fun!  Tomorrow I will review the rules on these manners and write them out for everyone to fully understand what is expected of you when you are doing an introduction.  But for now,  I peeked the kids interest.  So, Mom scored 1 point today too!

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